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Welcoming Friends from Afar with Courtesy and Sincerity

Sitting on Zhishan Road and with the advantages 
in nature, art, culture, and humanism, 
Yusense Hotel is not only a place to stay and rest, 
but also the best terminal for an in-depth trip. 
Yusense Hotel is in the neighborhood of one 
of the top five museums in the world—National Palace Museum, 
Chinese Culture and Movie Center, Shangxi Park, 
Shilin Official Residence Park, Yangmingshan National Park, 
Shilin Night Market, and Zhongshan North Road, 
away from the hustle and bustle, but accessible to the city.

Deeply influenced by the architects in California, US in 1930s, 
the guestrooms in Yusense Hotel resonates images of natural forests and humanism, 
creating simplicity in American style with elegant wooden furniture and comfortable 
and cozy American Zen style by blending in natural scenic atmosphere. 
With comfortable and clean guestrooms and considerate and friendly services, 
Yusense Hotel provides each traveler a wonderful time to be back 
to nature but feel like home when they stay there.